Date Study Auteur
Déc. 2017 Clinical evaluation of improved MyoSure hysteroscopic tissue removal system for the resection of type II submucosal myomas Liang Y, Ren Y, Wan Z, Guo L, Dong J, Chen Y, Lv L.
Sept. 2017 Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Control by Sequential Application of Hysteroscopic Lesion Morcellation and Endometrial Ablation Robert J. Rubino, M.D., Kelly H. Roy, M.D., James Presthus, M.D., and Suzanne Trupin, M.D.
Fév. 2017 Revolutionizing Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal Using the MyoSure System Miller CE, Solky KM, Thurkow A.
Fév. 2017 Is outpatient hysteroscopy the new gold standard? Results from an 11 year prospective observational study. Ma T, Readman E, Hicks L, Porter J, Cameron M, Ellett L, Mcilwaine K, Manwaring J, Maher P.
Jan. 2017 A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing hysteroscopic morcellation with resectoscopy for patients with endometrial lesions. Li C, Dai Z, Gong Y, Xie B, Wang B.
Déc. 2016 A Prospective Multicenter Registry of Patients Undergoing Hysteroscopic Morcellation of Uterine Polyps and Myomas. Scheiber MD, Chen SH.
Sept. 2016 Hysteroscopic Morcellation Versus Resection for the Treatment of Uterine Cavitary Lesions: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Shazly SA, Laughlin-Tommaso SK, Breitkopf DM, Hopkins MR, Burnett TL, Green IC, Farrell AM, Murad MH, Famuyide AO.
Août 2016 Fertility Outcomes after hysteroscopic morcellation of intrauterine leiomyomas and polyps Bhalani V, Chang A, Adkins C, Chen S, Scheiber M.
Mai 2016 MyoSure in management of cornual ectopic pregnancy. Keriakos R, Khalid S.
Mar. 2016 A Prospective Analysis of Hysteroscopic Morcellation in the Management of Intrauterine Pathologies Arnold A, Ketheeswaran A, Bhatti M, Nesbitt-Hawes E, Abbott J.
Fév. 2016 Hysteroscopic intrauterine morcellation of submucosal fibroids: preliminary results in Hong Kong and comparisons with conventional hysteroscopic monopolar loop resection. Lee MM, Matsuzono T.
Jan. 2016 Hysteroscopic Myomectomy of FIGO Type 2 Leiomyomas Under Local Anesthesia: Bipolar Radiofrequency Needle-Based Release Followed By Electromechanical Morcellation. Munro MG.
Oct. 2015 A prospective study of the use of the Myosure resectoscope to manage endometrial polyps in an outpatient setting. McIlwaine P, McElhinney B, Karthigasu KA, Hart R.
Oct. 2015 Randomized comparative trial of cervical block protocols for pain management during hysteroscopic removal of polyps and myomas. Lukes AS, Roy KH, Presthus JB, Diamond MP, Berman JM, Konsker KA.
Fév. 2015 Twelve-month outcomes for patients undergoing hysteroscopic morcellation of uterine polyps and myomas in an office or ambulatory surgical center. Rubino RJ, Lukes AS.
Nov. 2014 Use of a hysteroscopic morcellator to resect miscarriage in a woman with recurrent Asherman's syndrome. Harpham M, Abbott J.
Jan. 2008 Detection of benign intracavitary lesions in postmenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding: a prospective comparative study on outpatient hysteroscopy and blind biopsy. Angioni S, Loddo A, Milano F, Piras B, Minerba L, Melis GB.
Jan. 2006 Follow-up after incomplete hysteroscopic removal of uterine fibroids. Van Dongen H, Emanuel MH, Smeets MJ, Trimbos B, Jansen FW.
Jan. 2002 Regression of residual tissue after incomplete resection of submucous myomas Margit Dueholm Axel Forman Jakob Ingerslev
Déc. 2001 Dilatation and curettage fails to detect most focal lesions in the uterine cavity in women with postmenopausal bleeding. Epstein E, Ramirez A, Skoog L, Valentin L.

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